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The Ice Room

Mediaeval Baebe Emily Ovenden is publishing her debut novel, The Ice Room on November 10th 2008. We've been working on this novel for quite some time now so we're very excited to see it finally published. It will be available to buy on Amazon and hopefully at Baebe gigs as well, so get out there and get buying!

The Ice Room is a novel that bristles with passion and repression in equal measure.

Set in the mid 1980s against a backdrop of impenetrable ice and snow, the novel unfolds as an evocative and menacing piece.


A man of considerable wealth and self-discipline, Marcus Montifrant finds himself consumed with conflicting emotions when he falls utterly in love with his best friend’s new wife, the brilliant but manipulative pianist Madeleine Trevoski. On the slopes of the French ski resort, Champagny En Avoriaz, their affair is set upon a startling path which will have devastating consequences.


The novel follows the two friends ten years later upon their return to London where they experience the coldest winter in recorded history and discover that some events cannot be held in the past. Marcus finds himself unable to forget his love for the lost woman and his passion draws her back to his side. But what and who is she? Through the inter-weaving of personal tales, the reader is seduced into the intriguing emotional and sexual lives of two men and the woman they both desire.



“THE ICE ROOM is a strange, lyrical and evocative book. A very accomplished and atmospheric piece.” Joanne Harris author of CHOCOLAT

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