Al Iguana (al_iguana) wrote in mediaevalbaebes,
Al Iguana

Info for new visitors...

1) This forum is actually a Livejournal Community. A Livejournal is a blog, and a community is just a gathering of blog users.
2) You will need a Livejournal account in order to post in here. Don't worry, its no more difficult than setting up a Yahoo account, or MSN account, or any other forum account setup. All you need is to think of a username and password. then go here and enter your details. You'll have a confirmation email, then you're set
3) Put some basic details in your profile, how much is up to you.
4) Then click this link to become a member of the forum. follow the instructions.
5) Thats it. You can now post in the forum. (Hint: at the bottom of at page it says Post to: - change it to mediaevalbaebes.)
6) You can also comment on other posts that have been made now
7) You also have a blog/online diary now. May as well use it, its free :)

It may seem confusing at first, but don't be afraid to ask questions - someone will know the answer :)

Also, please keep chatter relevant to the Baebes - there are thousands of other communities if you want to chat about anything else.

Of you go... and good luck!
Tags: faq
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