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[31 Oct 2010|07:58pm]

[3] máiréad nesbitt
[18] mediæval bæbes

Here @ thewitchbabies

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Emily Ovenden [09 Aug 2009|04:50pm]

i have been working with Emily over the past few months, and I have some photos up over at my flickr/myspace page!

we also have a limited edition print for sale at Pythia shows!

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Baebes at MDRF 2009 [28 Apr 2009|10:58am]

Yay, I just saw that the Baebes are slated to play the opening weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Festival again this year! :) Anybody else going?

Also-- I was curious as to what the best thing to do would be if I were interested in sending a gift to the band? Would it be better to mail to an official address or hand them off to someone (a booth keeper or somesuch) in person?

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Bev Lee Harling [19 Apr 2009|01:23pm]

[ mood | quixotic ]

Hi everyone! I am working with Bev at the moment...

Thought I would share some photos.

All of my photos can be found on my myspace: www.myspace.com/makedaisychains
Add me if you like, but please write a message with the add, I get so many adds from total randoms with nothing in common!

Hannah Daisy

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Glorious Gloucester [22 Dec 2008|05:41pm]

Heya everyone,

was anyone else at the Baebes' concert in Gloucester Cathederal on Saturday? What did you think?

I was there, in a red beret, near the front, and it was beautiful. The setting really added to the beauty of the music, and the Baebes were on top form (apart from on 'The Snake', which they did again).

If you weren't there, don't worry: it was filmed for DVD :)

Elle xx

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A couple of points... [25 Nov 2008|10:40pm]

1) What do you folks think of the video for "Miracle" (if you've already watched it)?

2) i'd noticed on the December UK tour that there didn't seem to be many dates up north, so I emailed the info service about the chances of them coming to Sheffield - AND I GOT A REPLY!!! The email said that there were no plans for visiting Sheffield (where I live) on the current tour but that they would bear it in mind for the next one. Not holding my breath too hard, but I remain quietly hopeful...

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Illumination [24 Oct 2008|10:45pm]

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone else out there has received a pre-ordered Illumination, and what they think of it??

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The Ice Room [16 Sep 2008|01:38pm]

Mediaeval Baebe Emily Ovenden is publishing her debut novel, The Ice Room on November 10th 2008. We've been working on this novel for quite some time now so we're very excited to see it finally published. It will be available to buy on Amazon and hopefully at Baebe gigs as well, so get out there and get buying!

The Ice Room is a novel that bristles with passion and repression in equal measure.

Set in the mid 1980s against a backdrop of impenetrable ice and snow, the novel unfolds as an evocative and menacing piece.


A man of considerable wealth and self-discipline, Marcus Montifrant finds himself consumed with conflicting emotions when he falls utterly in love with his best friend’s new wife, the brilliant but manipulative pianist Madeleine Trevoski. On the slopes of the French ski resort, Champagny En Avoriaz, their affair is set upon a startling path which will have devastating consequences.


The novel follows the two friends ten years later upon their return to London where they experience the coldest winter in recorded history and discover that some events cannot be held in the past. Marcus finds himself unable to forget his love for the lost woman and his passion draws her back to his side. But what and who is she? Through the inter-weaving of personal tales, the reader is seduced into the intriguing emotional and sexual lives of two men and the woman they both desire.



“THE ICE ROOM is a strange, lyrical and evocative book. A very accomplished and atmospheric piece.” Joanne Harris author of CHOCOLAT

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Club Hell [27 Apr 2008|09:11pm]

Thought I would share my photos of Katharine Blake at Club Hell!

Some photos:


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Baebe Katharine Blake plays a show with NEW BAND tomorrow!! [24 Apr 2008|11:22am]

Katharine Blake and new band, Nick Marsh, ex Mediaeval Baebes Ruth Galloway and Marie Findley, Kavus Torabi of the Cardiacs, Vince Johnson and Tom Cloose play CLUB HELL, at the Kross Kings, 126 York Way, Kings Cross, London,N1 TOMORROW! Fiday 25th April 10pm
Entry £4
Hope to see you there XX

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Singaporean fan here. :) [16 Apr 2008|07:52pm]

Hi, I have been lurking for a long time here. Decided to say hi, from all the way in Singapore.

At the moment, I am listening to Temptasyon. :)


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[15 Apr 2008|03:14pm]

I know i put this up last week but i'm just giving a gental reminder for those who didn't see it or may have forgotten i won't be offended if it gets taken down.

last chance for ebay stuff, things finish from 5pm onwards tonight including Van Asch dresses for you Rachel fans out there

My Items

once this lot is over i'll be putting up some more stuff next week and it may also include Jewellery.

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Selling stuff [08 Apr 2008|08:33pm]

Ending Tuesday Next week.

Clothing from UK Size 8-14
Foot Ware from UK 6-7

Some good name brands available.

Van Asch Origional one off's
Lip Service
The Goddess Within
Gansta Pranksta
Laughing Vampire

Plus newly added Shoes, Thigh High Boots and club Ware.

Check them out...i've worn everything either for a photoshoot or special occasion & some not at all, so they're all in great condition, some still with Tags also.

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Art! [29 Feb 2008|04:01pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I drew a picture for 'I Am Eve'. Just wanted to share it. :)

I Am Eve by ~otakuhobbit on deviantART

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links [27 Feb 2008|09:47pm]

Has anyone noticed that the Van Asch link and the Emily Ovenden link opposite go nowhere? I wonder if anything can be done about it? ...Anyone...?

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the rose art [12 Feb 2008|01:10pm]

does anyone hava a scan of vania's eve art from the rose album? i would love you forever!

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Forums [21 Jan 2008|09:25am]

The Baebes have started an official Baebes forum, which you can find here.

Can you please all join up and get the thing buzzing! Danke.

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[11 Jan 2008|03:46pm]

if this isnt allowed, please let me know and i will delete it. at any rate, i thought some of you might be interested to know i just created a vania zouravliov community. zouravliov 
its about two minutes old, so its empty, but if any of you would like to join, please feel free to start posting right away. vania's baebes art and photographs welcome, of course!

x-posted to mediaevalbaebes  and worldes_blysse 

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[11 Dec 2007|08:07pm]

From the Baebes website:

"11th Dec 07

We are sorry to announce the Maxine Fone has decided to leave the Baebes in order to pursue other career opportunities. Her input in the short time that she has been involved with the Mediaeval Baebes has been amazing and I’m sure you will all be as sad as we are that she will no longer be performing with us. We wish her all the luck in the world with her future projects and her star will continue to shine brightly in the Mediaeval Baebes as we perform her fabulous choreography.

Good Luck Max!

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[09 Dec 2007|11:02am]

The Birmingham show last night was so fantastic XD I think it's my best Baebes show (so far.... plenty more to come I hope!)
I wondered if anyone else there managed to scribble down the setlist? They sang quite a few things I didn't recognise so I'm wondering which album I want to add to my collection next!

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